Friday, April 26, 2013

Welcoming Lilia (to the website)

This week, well technically last week, Lilia's webpage went live on the Ahernlab website.  You can now see Lilia's love/hate relationship with the durable yeast strains that she is using in the lab to make some cool new tools.  We are absolutely thrilled to have Lilia on our site and in the lab.

Lilia is what as known as a "dominant positive" player in the lab (opposed to those 'dominant negative' folks).  She is smart, funny and most importantly, she doesn't hesitate to tell me when I'm wrong.  I am a better person and scientist just for knowing her and the lab is a better place because she is here.  We look forward to great things coming from her project and to the good times ahead.  Prost!

Given that its Friday, spring has arrived and the lab has been making some fantastic progress this week  We leave you with this:

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