Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall is the season of change

With the changing of the seasons come the obvious references to life cycles in nature. Death, birth, repeat. While lab life is not so severe, we are welcoming some new members while seeing some long time labbies move on to greener pastures. Any returning visitors to the webpage (if there are such folks) will soon notice some changes to our personnel. For one, our most recent rock star undergraduates, Fayeza Islam and Ada Leung, have done some really stellar work in the Ahern lab and now that they've moved on, we thank them for their efforts and wish them the best in the endeavors ahead.

I would also like to welcome our newest member, Dr. Jason Galpin, as our in house organic synthesist. Jason is an all around great dude and an exceptional amino acid chemist who will bring his talents to help us in the production of exotic and benign residues for our ion channel research.

And lastly, after 2.5 years at the helm of this ongoing experiment of running a lab I'm now looking forward to reflecting on the transition from post-doc to PI and all the pitfalls along the way. The journey is by no means over and I'm happy that you are along for the ride. Stay tuned.

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