Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Utopia Retreat

On the last January weekend the Ahern and Kurata empires joined forces and left cold and rainy Vancouver to search for the much coveted ‘Utopia’ (aka Mt. Baker) just south of the iron bureaucracy curtain. After a more or less smooth ride across that magic line we gathered in one of our two mansions to present each other with our latest scientific achievements – while simultaneously boring our significant (but not so scientific) others to death. After surviving this initiation rite we left all science behind and, for two days straight, indulged in enormous quantities of great food, gorgeous weather on the mountain, great skiing / snowboarding and fun times in the hot tub (sorry Jason, no nudity).

Special thanks to Pam & Chris for a heroic shopping effort; Ana, Pam and Jason for (most of) the cooking; Harley´s special talent with hillbilly tunes; our generous funding sources – and Bea for putting constant smiles on everybody’s faces!

Mt. Baker, we will be back.

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  1. Thanks so much for this truly utopian weekend, Chris & Harley. Science rocks!